vrijdag 11 april 2014

Day 14 - The king is dead, long live the...

King? Having been fairly inactive since last Monday I logged in this evening, mere seconds after logging in I was told to join our new Mumble server, which I did. Everybody seemed to be in the "Rage at Leadership"-room, which I joined as well. Asking what happened I got a brief explanation from one of our guys. So, what happened?
First off, after some weird stuff with our leadership, Kire Erquilenne, our CEO was forced to step down as leader of our corporation. It was decided that we would have elections for a new CEO. Kire then transferred CEO to a director who just left on a holiday, while the other director stepped down because of the elections. Now our corporation has no leadership, no recruitment and basically... Nothing. So what now?
A new corporation. What? Yes, a new corporation. As we speak a new corporation is being created, it will still be centered around the ideas of PIONR, only its name will differ.

zondag 6 april 2014

Day 9 - Looking back at the first week.

The things I have done in the last week: I have built a Rifter and am now flying a self-built Thrasher (that needs some love, because currently it's terrible). Lost 2 Ventures, built one (and bought two as well). Built a Burst, currently looking into building a fit for it (might be useful to support my Thrasher). I have acquired a shitload of minerals and salvaged materials, but somehow I still don't have enough materials to build myself the rigs I need.

My Rifter, originally named "Rifter 1", while patrolling the belts.
My current goals are getting my Thrasher properly fitted and getting a good fit for the Burst, so we can run anomalies in fleets with logistics frigates. After that I might start working on getting a Stabber, but that will have to wait a while.

donderdag 3 april 2014

Day 5 & 6 - April 2nd and 3rd

Day 5: Haven't had much time today. Decided to build some more ammo since I seem to burn through it like crazy. Had only about an hour before I had to leave due to real life.

Day 6: Started running an anomaly (Serpentis Forlorn Hideaway) in a Rifter. Bad idea, it took me about an hour after which I had to salvage the wrecks that were spread over a distance of about 150 kilometers. Great, just great. After this I didn't have much time left, so I decided to fly a few systems over to obtain some skill books, buying close to 30 skillbooks. Looks like I have some skill training to do. I managed to acquire quite some salvage, so I might hop to highsec and get myself some blueprints for rigs and additional modules. It will be interesting to see if I can produce all ships and fittings we need myself.

dinsdag 1 april 2014

Day 3&4 - March 31st, April 1st

Day 3
Today I started my ship/ammo production, started ratting as well for some salvage and high-end minerals. Built a Burst, will probably start building more ships soonish. I also started building a lot of ammo, because my Rifter burns through ammo too damn fast, even when flying in a group.
We managed to clear a Serpentis Den in a group of three frigates while shooting the wrong targets (brotip: Don't kill the towers + their respawns first). Currently looking into acquiring more blueprints to start production of more module types. (Medium Shield Extender, but shield boosters/transporters as well). Also, I keep forgetting to buy the right skillbooks when flying over to a system where skillbooks are sold. *sigh*

Day 4
On day 4 I didn't have much time, only logged in to update my skill queue. Production will have to wait till tomorrow or Thursday.