zaterdag 29 maart 2014

Day 1 - March 30th

Today I started my character. Ran the industrial career missions for the Republic University, graduated and joined PIONR. First thing I noticed after joining was that my fellow corporation were getting slaughtered by a few guys of the "Paranoia." alliance. I fitted my new Venture-class mining frigate with a few modules I had been given by the friendly career agent, acquired some blueprints and set a course for my new home. Straight through Gonditsa, where a smartbombing Rokh is having fun killing people who warp from gate to gate. Mmm... Let's go the other way instead. While enroute I notice people that I've set to red in local. And of course, it's guys from Paranoia alliance. It's a good thing they're not on grid with me, they probably can't resist a juicy Venture loaded with blueprints.
Without many other incidents I make it to our new home system, where we're being camped into station by (of course) a few Paranoia guys. Two of our guys undock in noobships and engage them for the fun of it, without much succes I might add.
And that's where we are now, me and my fellow corpmates camped in station and the time at 4:45 am. I have safely arrived at my new home but I can't leave (and I'm too tired to leave as well). We'll see what tomorrow will bring.

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