zondag 30 maart 2014

Day 2 - March 31st

Local was very calm when I logged in. Just one other guy who was docked up in local. He didn't seem to be a threat, so I undocked in my Venture and started chipping away at some asteroids. Suddenly, my directional scanner tells me there's a Crow class interceptor within 14.3 AU of me. I decide to run, but I bump off an asteroid, the Crow lands, I try to warp somewhere else but get pointed and die. Lesson learned, never go sitting in the middle of the asteroids when mining (orbiting a 'roid won't help much either). After getting myself a new ship, two jumps away I decide to start mining in the system next door. Local is empty, so I can see hostiles coming when they jump in. I warp to the first belt, three frigates... Assuming my Hobgoblins can kill at least one of them I stay.
Not smart. As soon as the second frigate starts shooting me my shield disappears and I have to warp out. I make it out at 50% armor. Phew. After docking and repairing my ship I decide to check the other belts. Belt 2 has a cruiser and two frigates in it... Mmm, I'll pass. Belt three... A battleship and frigates... That's even better. Finally I find a belt that is clear and start mining away. Suddenly, somebody jumps into local. Time to run. I dock up and start talking to a Brave Newbies guy who is scanning in this system. After talking for a while he jumps out and another guy jumps in in a Hurricane. A few minutes later the Hurricane is replaced by a pod. Don't afk in anoms, mkay? My ore hold is filling up nicely, so I jump back to our HQ system which is empty and refine the ore. Then I take a look at how much minerals I still need for a Rifter. Well, that was disappointing, looks like I won't be building a Rifter before this evening at this pace. Having to leave I decide to dock up.

A few hours later I log in again and notice that the people who killed us last night are set to +5. I heard that some succesfull diplomacy was done. With that out of the way I undocked and headed for an asteroid belt, only to get scrammed and killed by an npc on landing. Welcome to Solitude. After reshipping I decided to stay in our neighbouring highsec system for a while to mine some ore in safety. We enter an ore site, where a Crow tries to bump us, you'd almost forget there are so many friendly people in New Eden. A few minutes later everything calmed down and we got back to our business, trying to ignore the mining Feroxes on our grid. So we mined. And mined. And... a Serpentis Ferrier appeared. Free minerals \o/ So, after about five minutes of having my drones on it it died, giving me 200 cubic meters of Pyerite. Awesome and everything, however, how am I going to get it to station? I only have 50 m3 cargo space.
So, after 5 trips (I had some other loot as well) I had all the minerals in station and I could go back to mining, which I stopped doing to get some skillbooks and blueprints. After this I decided to get myself a Rifter, so I started mining Plagioclase (I didn't have enough Mexallon) and finally got enough minerals together to build one. Except for one Megacyte and sixteen Zydrine. Well, I'm not perfect and I was able to buy them a few jumps away. I took a few skillbooks with me as well and am currently looking at two production jobs counting down. Tomorrow I might be able to bring the fight to the Serpentis.

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  1. You do realise that ventures can't get pointed, you need a scram and a point or two scrams to hold them down because of their +2 warp strength

    1. Not sure what the Crow fit was, but I didn't even get the chance to get off the asteroid.