vrijdag 11 april 2014

Day 14 - The king is dead, long live the...

King? Having been fairly inactive since last Monday I logged in this evening, mere seconds after logging in I was told to join our new Mumble server, which I did. Everybody seemed to be in the "Rage at Leadership"-room, which I joined as well. Asking what happened I got a brief explanation from one of our guys. So, what happened?
First off, after some weird stuff with our leadership, Kire Erquilenne, our CEO was forced to step down as leader of our corporation. It was decided that we would have elections for a new CEO. Kire then transferred CEO to a director who just left on a holiday, while the other director stepped down because of the elections. Now our corporation has no leadership, no recruitment and basically... Nothing. So what now?
A new corporation. What? Yes, a new corporation. As we speak a new corporation is being created, it will still be centered around the ideas of PIONR, only its name will differ.

2 opmerkingen:

  1. Hi, i follow the 4 blogs about PIONR and after reading the contents i think you would be a good CEO.

    I like a lot the PIONR idea and with a friend we will start a similar corp, we don't join your copr cause we don't speak english (as you can read) :)

    We will contact you to give our name and solar system to help you and the rest of the new PIONR.

    1. Hi Quendi,

      thanks for your reply here, I don't think me being a CEO would be a good idea (my main is already the CEO of a small corporation). I haven't received the information on your corp yet, can you send it to me? I'll forward it to my CEO so we can work together (trading?).