zondag 6 april 2014

Day 9 - Looking back at the first week.

The things I have done in the last week: I have built a Rifter and am now flying a self-built Thrasher (that needs some love, because currently it's terrible). Lost 2 Ventures, built one (and bought two as well). Built a Burst, currently looking into building a fit for it (might be useful to support my Thrasher). I have acquired a shitload of minerals and salvaged materials, but somehow I still don't have enough materials to build myself the rigs I need.

My Rifter, originally named "Rifter 1", while patrolling the belts.
My current goals are getting my Thrasher properly fitted and getting a good fit for the Burst, so we can run anomalies in fleets with logistics frigates. After that I might start working on getting a Stabber, but that will have to wait a while.

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